Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2021

Hello, everyone! This month has been a whirlwind. I crossed 1000 views and 500 likes here on the blog. Thank you all so much for the support! I’ve managed to post daily for the entire month, which was more difficult to keep up with than I thought it would be. I’ll probably slow down a bit for a while, but I have some great things planned for June, as well. So, we’ll see. It will probably depend on how busy work is in the near future. I made quite a bit of progress on my reading goals this month, and I actually finished my monthly TBR for the first time! Check out all the details below:

Progress On My 2021 Reading Goal

May 2021 Reviews

In total, I completed 13 full-length book reviews, 4 mini book reviews, and 2 comic book reviews this month. I participated in a blog tour and completed one requested review. I reviewed the following books:

Original Work & Blog Posts

I participated in a couple of memes throughout the month, including First Lines Fridays and Stacking the Shelves. I’ve found both of these to be fun to do, especially Stacking the Shelves. I love getting to show the ridiculous amount of books I pick up each week.

I also wrote several blog posts this month detailing my favorite Star Wars books, my most anticipated releases for next month, and ways COVID-19 has impacted my reading habits.

Upcoming Reviews

I read a couple books this month that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing yet, and I don’t want to leave them out! So, here they are:

  • Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas
  • Flash Fire by TJ Klune

Final Thoughts

Looking back on my TBR for May, I exceeded all of my expectations. I finished reading all the books on my TBR and read three more books than I initially planned. I got my first award for my blog tour review (Reality Testing), which made me really happy. Comic books also made a big comeback this month for me, and I made a dent in my years-long backlog. I’m actually completely caught up on several of my favorite ongoing books, which I would never have guessed would happen. I also made significant progress on the ARCs I have and am slowly improving my NetGalley feedback ratio. Overall, I’m satisfied with what I read this month and have had a lot of fun with the books and posts I was able to do.

15 thoughts on “Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2021

  1. You had a great reading month with lots of variety!

    I can understand why you would want to slow down a bit. Blogging is fun, but can be exhausting.

    Hope you have a great June!

  2. What a great reading month! I finally read the Shadow and Bone Trilogy last year, and while I enjoyed it, I definitely liked Six of Crows better. I think I enjoyed the adaptation of Shadow and Bone more than the book, which is rare. 😉

    Happy reading in June!

    • Yes. It really was a great month! I’m looking forward to Six of Crows because they were my favorite characters in the TV show. I did like the show, and there were some things I thought the book did better and others the show did better. I hope you have a great June!

  3. I’m doing so bad with my backlog book challenge! That’s awesome that you’re getting on top of yours it seems. I need to read on in the Shadow and Bone series as well as finish watching the show. Hope you have a great June!
    Lisa Loves Literature

  4. Great reading month!! This Poison Heart has been pre-ordered for me! I can’t wait to read it.

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