Update #1: Camp NaNoWriMo

As you can see above, I’ve made some progress in the first four days of camp. I’m now 888 words further in my WIP, which brings me to a total of 2237 words. I lowered my goal by half, from 20,000 to 10,000, because I decided to shoot for something that was more achievable given my current pace. I don’t want to end up discouraged and not make any progress at all because of frustration at not being able to reach the target word count. I’ve managed to accumulate a few badges in the first few days, as well. I achieved the first three, which indicates I’ve updated my progress, written something on the first day, and updated my progress more than once in a single day. I’ve got quite a few more badges to collect, and we’ll see how successful I am at getting the rest of them as the month progresses.

Well. That’s it for today’s writing update. I’m excited about the progress I’ve made in the first four days, but I do wish I had gotten a little more done. The last few days have just been really busy, which halted my progress significantly. Hopefully, this next week will be a bit more productive. I don’t have an excerpt ready to share this time, but I hope to feel ready to share something next week.

Are you participating in Camp NaNoWriMo? How is it going for you so far?

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