New Comic Book Day (12) – July 7, 2021

I didn’t read a single issue this past week. It made me reflect on the current state of my comic collection and the enjoyment I get from it. I love collecting them and reading them, but my current backlog has me incredibly overwhelmed. I usually only read a handful of books per week (or less) but end up buying at least double that amount every week. The amount of money I spend each week is also a bit more than I would like.

All of this made me pause and consider how my collecting has changed over the years. I started with just a handful of titles, most of which were Star Wars. It then ballooned considerably starting with other Marvel titles before finally reaching its largest with the addition of DC titles too. I went on that way for a couple years, collecting thousands of books and spending hundreds of dollars per week. I eventually realized it was unsustainable, especially since I never read any of the DC books and only half the Marvel ones. To this day, I still have not read any of the DC books I’ve collected. So, I cut back to Marvel titles while also limiting the Marvel ones I collected too, which has remained roughly consistent for the last couple years.

The most recent change was a switch to digital. There have been benefits to this change even though I do miss holding the physical book. While reflecting this past week, I realized that one of the benefits of going digital is that the issues will always be available. I don’t need to buy them immediately upon release and could potentially save a lot of money from waiting until I’m actually ready to read the book. Comixology often puts back issues on sale for considerably lower prices or the books I’m reading could even been included in Unlimited by the time I get to them. I don’t know why I never thought of this before, but it had never crossed my mind that the rush to get the issues on release day was an unnecessary waste for books I don’t plan to read for months or years. I guess its probably because I was so used to rushing to get the print books before they sold out at my local shop.

Given this new epiphany, I’ve decided to limit my buying after this week to only the books I am currently reading. Therefore, this will be the last New Comic Book Day post as I usually only read a couple books a week and think the posts would probably be really repetitive moving forward. I don’t plan to drop comic content completely from my blog, but I’m still deciding how I want to feature it moving forward.

Here’s everything I bought today:

Amazing Spider-Man #70
Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2
Avengers #46
Captain America #30
Children of the Atom #5
Hellions #13
Star Wars Adventures #6
Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #14

X-Force #21

What comics did you buy today? Do you have a favorite title right now? If so, let me know in the comments.

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