Update #4: Camp NaNoWriMo

As you can see above, this has been my best week so far! I added 3,378 words to my WIP, which brings me to a total of 9,103 words in the manuscript. It also brings me to 7,750 out of 10,000, which is my goal for the month. So, I’ve almost completely caught up to where I’m supposed to be for this time in the month. I’ve also managed to accumulate two more badges in the last week, as well. I achieved the 14 day streak and 5K badges! I’m happy because there were a few days I really didn’t feel like writing, but I went for it anyway because I wanted that streak badge. It was a great motivator that got me started, and then I had a lot of fun with the writing once I got going. For next week, I’m going to try to get the 21-day streak badge, the 10K badge, and the goal achievement badge. I think I can do it!

I’m also excited to share another small piece of my work with you all! Here is another excerpt from the very rough draft of the first chapter:

Albert stared at the fighter. He was tall and thin with golden hair bunched in curls. His toned muscles rippled beneath his sun-kissed skin, which radiated the brilliance of youth. Bathed in the beautiful colors of the dying sunlight behind him, he looked like a hero plucked from the stories of old and plopped into the dry dust amongst mere mortals. He seemed too good to be true.

Suddenly, the soldier’s brilliant blue eyes met Albert’s, and the prince felt a fire pass through him he’d never felt before. He felt alive under this boy’s gaze, seen for the first time in a long time. He stood there dumbstruck with his mouth gaping slightly open but unable to pull his eyes away. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the boy shifted his gaze to some of the other soldiers who had gathered around him to talk about his fight.

Albert felt an acute chill in the air, and he knew deep down that nothing would be the same again. He could sense an aura of mystery surrounding the boy and instinctively discerned their destinies would be intertwined. At that moment, it felt like his greatest wish for that to be true, but he didn’t know how right his instincts would prove to be.

With the trance created by the boy’s eyes now broken, Albert turned to Jarod and asked quietly, “Who is he?”

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