Weekly Wrap-Up – October 9, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope the weekend is off to a great start for you all. Today I’ll be doing something a little different than the last 25 Saturdays because I will not be doing the Stacking the Shelves meme. I’m on a book buying ban this month. So, I (hopefully) won’t be picking up enough books to center an entire post around my acquisitions. Instead, I’m going to wrap up my week, including notes about my personal life, blog posts/book reviews, reading updates, book acquisitions (if any), and comic book acquisitions and reading progress.

Personal Updates

This week has been a bit hit or miss. I felt pretty bad for the first couple days of the week and spent most of the time in bed. Luckily, whatever the problem was didn’t last longer than two days, and I was able to enjoy the second half of my week. I did the typical housework on a daily basis, and I’ve been spending more time outside now that the weather is getting a tiny bit cooler. I finished some landscaping work, and my cat and I spent some time reading and snuggling on the back patio. I also finally got the test results from my blood work and ultrasound, which showed no signs of chronic kidney disease. I was happy for the good news, but I’m still confused as to how my PCP could think I had it when there apparently is no problem. All in all, it was a pretty typical week on the days I wasn’t feeling bad.

Book Acquisitions

I only acquired one book this week from NetGalley, Forging a Nightmare. I’m looking forward to reading it soon. Thank you to Angry Robot for approving my request for the eARC.

Comic Book Acquisitions & Reading Progress

It was a pretty typical comics week for me with a majority of it being Star Wars and Spider-Man content. I’m also really excited to read Dark Ages and the new Eternals issue because I’ve seen great things about them on Twitter.

As for reading them, I’ve made quite a bit of progress this week. I finished reading the Shang-Chi miniseries that wrapped up at the beginning of this year. I’ve also read all of the July and August issues of the War of the Bounty Hunters Star Wars crossover. So, I’m almost caught up there, which means I’ll be about halfway finished with what I put on my comics TBR for this month. In the next week, I hope to finish the rest of War of the Bounty Hunters, as well as catch up on my High Republic comics.

Reading Updates

This has been a pretty good week of reading. I read my first manga, The Way of the House Husband, which was a humorous introduction to this format. I finished one of my most highly anticipated fall releases, Iron Widow, and it was definitely worth the wait. I also read my eARC of Child of Light by Terry Brooks. I had mixed feelings about this one, which you’ll get an opportunity to learn all about in tomorrow’s post. Finally, I started reading A Promise of Return by Rebecca Crunden. I’ve been wanting to get to this next installment of the Outlands Pentalogy for the last several weeks, especially after the cliffhanger from the previous book. It’s good so far, and I’m excited to get to know Thom better. All in all, reading this week has been enjoyable, and I’ve read a fun mix of stuff while adding to my yearly total.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

This has been a busy week for blog posts and book reviews. I managed to post every day this week, and I even got a third book review done because of how excited I was to finally get to read Iron Widow. My posts from the last week are listed below:

  • Stacking the Shelves 25 – This post is my last Stacking the Shelves post and shows off what books and comics I acquired during the last week of September.
  • Book Review: Crooked Kingdom – This book review details my thoughts about the second book of the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo. I absolutely loved this book, and it was a 5-star read for me.
  • Manga Monday: Way of the Househusband Vol 1 – This post details my experience reading my first manga. I enjoyed the humor of the book and am looking forward to reading the next one.
  • Mini Review: Iron Widow – This book review highlights my thoughts about Iron Widow. Overall, I enjoyed the book but not quite enough for it to make it to 5 stars. Check out the review to see why.
  • Comic Recap & Review: Shang-Chi (2020) – This post recaps the recent 5-issue Shang-Chi miniseries, which I enjoyed and found somewhat similar to the movie, at least in its themes related to family.
  • Mini Review: The Crystal Cave – This mini review shares my thoughts about The Crystal Cave, the first book in Mary Stewart’s Arthurian Saga. This book has been on my TBR longer than any other, and I’m glad I finally got around to reading it.
  • First Lines Fridays #26 – This post provides the first lines of a book and asks you to guess, and judge, the book by those lines. Check it out to see if you can guess a book on my TBR for later this month.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! My first weekly wrap-up. I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.

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