WWW Wednesday (16) – August 24, 2022

Hello, everyone! It’s Wednesday! That means it is time for another WWW Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words. I’ll be answering the following questions:

  1. What did you read last?
  2. What are you currently reading?
  3. What will you read next?

What did you read last?

I finished SIX BOOKS this week! I’ve done a pretty poor job of sticking to my TBR though… First, I finished listening to Storm Front by Jim Butcher. I’ve been wanting to read The Dresden Files for a while, and I enjoyed the book for the most part. I didn’t really care for how much Harry obsessed over the physical features of every single female character. It got uncomfortable fast, and it felt repetitive. I plan to continue the series, though, because I enjoyed everything else about the book, especially its gritty detective vibe. I also finished reading Second Spear by Kerstin Hall this week. This sequel had exquisite world-building, but it overtook the story a bit (see review). I hadn’t planned to read Elatsoe by Darcie Little Badger. I had never even heard of it, but it was one of the fantasy team books for Trope-ical Readathon. My library had the audiobook via Libby. So, I decided to give it a shot, and I’m glad I did. I enjoyed the overall story, and I liked how it contained stories within the story. Most importantly, who can resist a great ghost animal companion? Not me! šŸ™‚ Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell is another book I didn’t plan to read, but it was recommended to complete one of the readathon prompts. I cannot believe it took me this long to read this book since I’m such a huge Simon Snow fan. I liked the book, its characters, and the mental health rep, but the ending felt a bit too abrupt. I finally got around to reading my eARC of This Is Why They Hate Us a couple days before the book was published, and I’m kicking myself for not reading it sooner. I devoured it in less than a day and loved every second of this contemporary YA about a bi boy trying to get over being in love with his best friend by getting under everyone else. Finally, I’ve been seeing such wonderful reviews of The Drowned Woods by Emily Lloyd-Jones on so many blogs that I couldn’t resist listening to it when I saw my library had the audiobook on Libby. I loved the Celtic inspirations, the characters, and especially the adorable animal companion.

What was my favorite of the week? My favorite was This Is Why They Hate Us by Aaron H. Aceves. It had excellent bi and mental health rep. It made me feel a wide range of emotions, and I laughed (a lot) and cried (only a little… I promise) while reading it. I cannot recommend it enough if you like queer YA contemporary fiction with chaotic, disaster bi protagonists.

What are you currently reading?

I’m currently listening to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. It has been a slow, tedious start so far, but I like the classic vibes of the writing. I’m just not really sure of the point yet, but I’m hopeful it will get there, albeit seemingly at a snails pace. I’m also reading The Spear Cuts Through Water by Simon Jimenez. I’m not really sure what I think about this one yet. The writing is really beautiful, but the structure of the story is super odd and makes use of first, second, and third person narration all mixed together. It has taken me a while to get used to it, but I now think I have some idea of what is going on, at least. Both of these books are definitely requiring a ton of patience, and I foresee them taking a good deal of my week to finish.

What will you read next?

I still need to get through my eARC of A Taste of Gold and Iron, and I also need to read my eARC of Wildbound. Both of them will be published next week… My final book for Magical Readathon is This is How You Lose the Time War, which I need to get to before the end of the month. If I can manage to get through these three by the end of the month, I’ll consider the week a success.

I hope you’ve all had a great week! What have you been reading? Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

10 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (16) – August 24, 2022

    • Thank goodness for audiobooks from the library. Without them that number would have been so much lower. I hope I like them too. I’ve been looking forward to that book for months now, and I’m excited to finally get to it.

  1. I’m reading The Spear Cuts Through Water right now, too, and have to agree the structure is really strange. All the flipping back and forth completely threw me off for the first quarter, and I still can’t figure out why some of the lines are section headings. But it’s quite interesting.

    • Yeah. I almost DNFd it because it took me until almost to the end of the Before section to really understand what was going on. I still don’t get the section headings either. Now I’m super into it, though, and I’m curious about where it is all going.

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