Book Haul – February 2022

It’s been another slow book buying month for me as I only bought four books this month. I really have been trying to spend less money on books, and it seems to be working for now. However, I’ve acquired quite a few books through the library and obtained a lot of eARCs. I also received two books for my birthday. So, all in all, I’ve picked up quite a few new books when it is all put together. Luckily, most of them won’t be taking up space on my shelves because I don’t have much space left, but I’m excited to read them all soon (if I haven’t already) regardless of the format or source.

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TBR: February 2022

Hello, everyone! It is the start of another month, which means it is time again to plan out what I want to read. I’m not participating in any readathons again this month. So, I’m mostly picking these books based on what ARCs need to be reviewed and what books I’m in the mood to read.

In total, I want to read 12 books in February 2022 despite this being a shorter month. I have a ton of ARCs to get through, and one of my library holds came in way earlier than I expected. So, rather than take anything off the list, I’m just gonna try to power through it all. We’ll see how it goes. I’m also going to be reading The Obelisk Gate by N. K. Jemisin along with other members of The Oasis Discord channel, which I’m excited about because I’ve wanted to finish this trilogy for the last five years. I’m finally moving on to book two!

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