Hi! My name is Chris.

I live in Shreveport, LA with my wife, two cats, dog, and rabbit. I have loved reading for as long as I can remember and enjoy using it as an escape to new worlds and to increase my knowledge. I especially enjoy reading science fiction, fantasy, YA, LGBT+, romance, and historical fiction. I’ve had various jobs throughout the years, including library assistant, biomedical researcher, and mental health therapist. My hobbies include buying and reading books (which are definitely two different hobbies), collecting comics, collecting and building LEGO, watching TV, and snuggling my cats. I am also a huge Star Wars and MCU fan!

A Little Info About How I Rate Books

Before I started blogging, I gave very little thought to how I rated books. Even once I created the blog, most of my ratings were chosen largely from vibes and enjoyment. Based on my Goodreads/StoryGraph stats, I’ve always been a pretty generous reviewer, and I tend to rate most things three stars or above. In early 2023, I decided to create a more formal rating system for the blog, which you can see below.

I’ve chosen to rate seven domains I consider important (plot/story, writing, characters, world-building, diversity, themes, & enjoyment) and take the average of them to get the final rating. Each book starts out with a base score of 3 on each domain, which I consider to be good/average. Depending on the quality of my experience with the book, the scores will go up or down. For example, this means that a score of 4 indicates a book/domain exceeded what I’d expect from a ‘good’ book. The final ratings are reported in quarter star increments. If you have questions about how I rate, feel free to reach out to me!