Monthly TBR – May 2022 (May the Force Read with You Readathon Edition)

Hello, everyone! Happy Star Wars Day! In honor of the day, today’s post is my TBR for May, which centers around the May the Force Read with You Readathon created by Breakeven Books. I was so excited to find this readathon because I wanted to do something Star Wars related this month. I’ve chosen to walk the path to the dark side, which has five levels. To become a Dark Lord of the Sith, I need to develop five force abilities (AKA read five books). Along the way I plan to build my team of allies and my weapons collection by reading even more books. This TBR is a mix of ARCs I really need to get to and books that have been on previous TBRs, along with a couple recent releases. I’m behind on ARCs for the first time, and it’s making me anxious. So, I’m going to try to get caught up on everything this month… I’m also looking forward to finally (hopefully) getting to Little Thieves and Victory’s Price since I’ve been wanting to read them since last year.

If you are interested in learning more about the readathon and the prompts, I’ve embedded the announcement video below. There is also a pdf of the different prompts available in the video description on Youtube.

May the force be with you!


Readathon Updates

I haven’t been the best at getting my weekly updates finished the past couple of weeks. So, I thought I’d just take a quick minute to post an update on how my readathons are going this month. This month has been a bit of weird one so far when it comes to reading. Almost every book on my TBR has been changed because I’ve been focusing more on mood reading, which has been a nice change of pace. That being said, I’ve made some pretty good progress on getting the challenges finished. I’ve only got four books left to go, and I plan to finish one of them today (hopefully). Padwin has been doing a great job of finishing his classes at Orilium and only has two more to go to successfully complete this term of his magical education! Hopefully he’ll be able to pull it off.

Also, Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

Reindeer Readathon TBR (December 2021)

Hello, everyone! It is the beginning of a new month, which means it is time to sort out what I plan to read. This month is extra special because I am participating in the Reindeer Readathon as part of team Nutcracker! You can find out more about the readathon by checking out the announcement video or the Twitter account. It is a competitive, team-based readathon with a set of nine prompts corresponding to the nine reindeer that pull Santa’s sleigh. You can find my picks (and their synopses) for all nine prompts below!

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