Readathon Updates

I haven’t been the best at getting my weekly updates finished the past couple of weeks. So, I thought I’d just take a quick minute to post an update on how my readathons are going this month. This month has been a bit of weird one so far when it comes to reading. Almost every book on my TBR has been changed because I’ve been focusing more on mood reading, which has been a nice change of pace. That being said, I’ve made some pretty good progress on getting the challenges finished. I’ve only got four books left to go, and I plan to finish one of them today (hopefully). Padwin has been doing a great job of finishing his classes at Orilium and only has two more to go to successfully complete this term of his magical education! Hopefully he’ll be able to pull it off.

Also, Happy Easter to all those who celebrate!

2 thoughts on “Readathon Updates

  1. As a mood reader, I totally get changing up the TBR and it’s the main reason why I never really have one! šŸ˜‚ But you’ve made such great progress. Hope you continue to enjoy your reads!

    • Yeah. I think I’m turning into more of a mood reader. All the ARCs and strict TBRs have left it all feeling like more of an obligation. I’ve enjoyed switching it up this month, and I think I’m going to continue to mood read for a bit. I’m also going to try to request fewer ARCs… We’ll see how that goes. lol.

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