Weekly Wrap-Up – March 26, 2022

It is Saturday once again, which means another week has come and gone. So, it’s time to wrap up my progress and the blog posts I’ve written this week.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2022

Hello, everyone! I know we are already a week into March, but I still haven’t wrapped up my February yet. So, here we go… Better late than never! February is always the month of birthdays, mine and both my parents. This meant lots of cake, as well as some new books. Other than all the celebrations, it was a pretty quiet month filled with dreary weather and lots of reading. Not a whole lot has changed in my daily routine. So, despite getting a year older, everything is still rolling on as usual.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2022

Hello, everyone! I can’t believe the first month of this year is already over, but at the same time, it seems like it lasted forever. I’ve spent most of the month in isolation because the latest wave of COVID has been wreaking havoc in my area. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting sick so far, and I’m trying my best to keep it that way. It has been a relatively uneventful month. I’ve done a lot of blogging and reading, which has helped me stay at least sort of sane. 🙂 I didn’t quite reach all of my goals when it comes to reading, but I came pretty close.

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