WWW Wednesday (38) – January 25, 2023

Hello, everyone! It’s Wednesday! That means it is time for another WWW Wednesday, a weekly meme hosted by Sam @ Taking On A World of Words. I’ll be answering the following questions:

  1. What did you read last?
  2. What are you currently reading?
  3. What will you read next?

What did you read last?

Mysteries of Thorn Manner by Margaret Rogerson – 5⭐ – This sequel novella was so freaking cute. The dynamic between the three main characters was the star of this story, and it was absolute perfection. I cannot believe it all boiled down to the magical house being a prude. lol. Also, Silas is a sneaky one! I need another sequel story because I suspect there’s still lots more to this story that we haven’t seen yet. πŸ™‚

The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang – 5⭐ – Unsurprisingly, I LOVED this book. After how much I liked Babel, it comes as no surprise. This was a dark, compelling exploration of how dehumanization of others leads to unimaginable horrors and abuses of power, among many other timely and important themes. Rin’s journey was powerful and heartbreaking amid a brutal fantasy backdrop that combined dark academia, grimdark, and historical fiction elements. I cannot recommend this one enough!

Broken Valley by Owen Lach – 4.25⭐ – This was a wonderful follow up to last year’s Founder’s Mercy. Lach does a wonderful job of writing such lovable characters, and the budding romance in this one was a joy to read. The sci fi elements were also super cool, and I enjoyed getting to see more of the civilization that developed at this space colony.

Chainbreaker by Tara Sim – 5 ⭐ – I enjoyed this sequel to Timekeeper. It took the story in new and interesting directions that I really wasn’t expecting. The setting in India provided a great backdrop to explore colonialism and how the magical clock towers played into that oppression. There were some shocking reveals that left me teary-eyed, and the cliffhanger made it impossible for me not to start the next book immediately.

What was my favorite of the week? This has been a really great week, and I loved all four of these books. My favorite this week, though, was The Poppy War by R. F. Kuang. I’m looking forward to seeing where Rin’s story goes next.

What are you currently reading?

Chain of Iron by Cassandra Clare – I’m getting caught up on my last Shadowhunters before the new one comes out next week. I’m liking it so far, but it is just so unnecessarily bloated. I’m almost a third of the way through it, and I feel like the story hasn’t really moved forward all that much. The wedding, and its prep and immediate aftermath, have taken up 200 pages, and it could have easily been much less. I still like the characters, though, and their interactions here have still been fun to read.

Firestarter by Tara Sim – I jumped straight into this after finishing Chainbreaker. It is good so far, and I’m really curious to see how it is all going to play out in the end.

What will you read next?

I have one more ARC (Seven Faceless Saints) to finish this month, and then I’m moving on to two library holds (Hell Bent & Glitterland) before I need to give them back.

I hope you’ve all had a great week! What have you been reading? Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

14 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday (38) – January 25, 2023

  1. The Poppy War was so great to read in a group! It’s nice to have others to chat with when things happen πŸ˜ƒ I can’t wait to continue and finish that series this year. You’ve been absolutely smashing it through your reads. I hope you enjoy all of them!

    • It was soooo good. I liked it even more than SoT. lol. I just realized that I forgot to link to your review. Your review of the novella was the reason I decided to read both of the books, and I’m so glad I did! πŸ™‚

    • It really has been a great week of reading. I ADORED Mysteries of Thorn Manor. I actually liked it more than Sorcery of Thorns. lol. It was just super cute and completely focused on the characters without all the running around and heavy plot that SoT had. I hope you love it too!

    • It was a really great week of reading, which was nice because at least something went right. My dad had to have three eye surgeries in the last week, and I’ve spent most of the week in hospital waiting rooms. It did give me plenty of time to read, though. So, silver linings?

      • He’s not happy. He found out yesterday the third surgery didn’t correct the problem. So, now he’s having another one on Tuesday. Apparently, a medication he takes caused complications making it really difficult for them to put in a new lens. The implants haven’t been staying in place, which leaves him pretty much blind in that eye. πŸ˜• I really hope they can fix it.

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