Cover Reveal – The End of Time

Today I have the absolute privilege of participating in the cover reveal for the forthcoming final novel in The Cruel Gods series by Trudie Skies. I loved the first book in this series (my review) and have been meaning to read the second installment. I’ll be bumping it up my TBR now that I know the final book is on its way soon. 🙂

Let’s start things off with a little information about the book:


Calamity has befallen the steam-powered city of Chime as the gods declare war on each other, choosing Chime’s streets as their battleground. Kayl has the means to end their reign for good and create a new world free from their whims. But recruiting an army against divine beings is no easy task, and as her allies fall one by one, Kayl is left to shoulder her burden alone. 

Finally free from his own god’s shackles, Quen is bound in service to Chaos, who only wants revenge against Quen’s former master. Torn between his desire for vengeance and justice, Quen is no stranger to the gods’ cruelty and will do whatever it takes to see Kayl’s vision through—even if it destroys his soul.

To ensure a better future, Kayl and Quen must unite mortals against their makers and decide the gods’ fate before time itself comes to an end.

For the era of gods is over.The End of Time is the third and final book in The Cruel Gods series—a gaslamp fantasy featuring magical portals, gothic cosmic deities, quaint Britishisms, and steampunk vibes. This is an adult book containing strong language and mature themes that some readers may find disturbing. For a full list of content warnings, visit Trudie Skies’s website.

Trudie Skies has been living inside fantasy worlds ever since they discovered books, and they refuse to return to reality. Within Trudie’s daydreams you’ll find SPFBO and BBNYA finalist The Thirteenth Hour, a gaslamp fantasy described as obnoxiously British and best read with a cup of tea.

When not conjuring new worlds, Trudie spends their free time exploring the realms of indie books and video games, staring at clouds, and chasing after their fluffy companions.

Visit Trudie’s worlds at

Without further ado, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for… THE COVER:

And here’s a look at all three books together. I love their aesthetic, and they look so great as a set. I really need to figure out how to fit book two into my immediate reading schedule. Seeing these beautiful covers makes me want to return to this story. 😁

Have you read any of the books in The Cruel Gods series? Are you excited to have a tentative release date for the final part of the trilogy? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments!

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    • I’m hoping to get to the second book soon. Realistically, though, I’ll probably end up getting to it early next year, which will work out perfectly if the last book does come out around March.

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