Mid-Month NetGalley Check-In – January 2022

It has been a very busy couple months since the last time I did a NetGalley check-in. I’ve been approved for a ton of new books, and these next few months are going to be filled with ARC reading as a result. You can see where I was two months ago in my last check-in post. My feedback ratio has dropped a bit more since then to 60%. I’ve completed 28 ARC reviews out of the total 47 for which I have been approved. I now have 18 unread books available to read on my shelf, which is the most I’ve ever had at one time. The reviews I completed in the last two months were Forging a Nightmare, Jade Legacy, Tethered Spirits, Daughter of the Moon Goddess, The Beholden, and Engines of Empire.

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ARC Mini Review – The Beholden

Today I have another mini review, and unfortunately, it is a pretty negative one. I had planned to do a longer review of this book, but almost everything I have to say is negative, and I don’t want to spend that much time in a negative head space. I’ve already spent enough time trudging through this book as it is. Needless to say, I’m disappointed that my first full read of the year was a dud, but oh well. Here’s to hoping the next one is better.

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ARC Mini Review – Forging a Nightmare

Hello, everyone! Today’s post is an extra mini review of Forging a Nightmare by Patricia A. Jackson. The cover and description pulled me in as I was browsing NetGalley, and I just couldn’t resist. I love a good story about angels and nephilim, and the horse on the cover looked absolutely demented. So, I couldn’t pass it up…maybe this is a good indicator of why my NetGalley feedback ratio has been dropping. lol.

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Mid-Month NetGalley Check-In – November 2021

This has been another busy month for NetGalley requests and approvals. I’ve read a few of the eARCs, but my requesting spree has far outweighed what I’ve been able to read. Check out where I was a month ago in my last check-in post. My feedback ratio has dropped a bit more to 63% as a result of my overindulging in requests. I’ve completed 22 ARC reviews out of the total 35 for which I have been approved. I now have 12 unread books available to read on my shelf, which is the most I’ve ever had at one time. The reviews I completed in the last month were The Magi Menagerie, A Marvellous Light, and The Bone Shard Emperor.

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ARC Review – The Bone Shard Emperor

Andrea Stewart returns with The Bone Shard Emperor, the second installment of this unmissable, action-packed, magic-laced fantasy epic.

The Emperor is Dead. Long live the Emperor.  
Lin Sukai finally sits on the throne she won at so much cost, but her struggles are only just beginning. Her people don’t trust her. Her political alliances are weak. And in the north-east of the Empire, a rebel army of constructs is gathering, its leader determined to take the throne by force.  
Yet an even greater threat is on the horizon, for the Alanga – the powerful magicians of legend – have returned to the Empire. They claim they come in peace, and Lin will need their help in order to defeat the rebels and restore peace.  
But can she trust them?

***Thank you to NetGalley and Orbit Books for providing a copy of the book. My review contains my honest thoughts about my reading experience.***

***There are likely to be spoilers about the first book, The Bone Shard Daughter, in this review. If you haven’t read that book yet, read on at your own peril!***

I loved the first book in this series so much, and I was excited to get to read this sequel a little early thanks to getting an eARC from NetGalley. The Bone Shard Emperor was a worthy successor to The Bone Shard Daughter and continued the story into interesting new places while showcasing the same heart and superb writing that made me fall in love with the first book. There’s just something about the way Andrea Stewart writes that kept me hanging on every word. The mysteries from the first story were only deepened here as a result of the shocking reveals that set the scene for what will likely be an explosive final installment.

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Weekly Wrap-Up – October 30, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve reached the end of another week. Today I’m going to, once again, wrap up my week, including notes about my personal life, blog posts/book reviews, reading updates, book acquisitions (if any), and comic book acquisitions and reading progress.

Personal Updates

It has been a pretty great week. My wife is on vacation, and it has been fun getting to spend more time with her. We haven’t done much but hang around the house, but it has been nice. I wish there was something more exciting to say, but I’ve mostly spent the week watching TV and doing household chores and errands. I have made some progress on my Doctor Who 13th Doctor re-watch, and am excitedly anticipating the premiere of Series 13 tomorrow. I’ve also spent a lot of time getting the treats ready to give out to trick or treaters tomorrow night. We are giving out bags of candy to keep people from digging their hands into a bowl, which requires much more prep work than I initially thought.

Book Acquisitions

I didn’t buy any books again this week! However, I did get approved for two new titles on NetGalley. They won’t be released until next year. So, it’ll be a while before I get around to reading them, but I’m looking forward to both.

Comic Book Acquisitions & Reading Progress

Once again, I went to the comic book store this week. So, I have a mix of digital and physical comics. This week was also pretty diverse in what I picked up, but it still heavily included Star wars and Spider-Man.

As for reading comics, I didn’t read much this week. I kept up to date with Star Wars and Spider-Man and read some of the Star Wars Adventures issues. I also read the first book of Catwoman: Lonely City, which was a really great read.

Reading Updates

This was a pretty slow reading week for me. I read the fourth volume of The Way of the House Husband. I also read Jade City and started A Marvellous Light. On the bright side, they were all pretty great (at least so far as I haven’t finished A Marvellous Light yet).

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

This has been another busy week for blog posts and book reviews. I once again managed to post every day this week! My posts from the last week are listed below:

  • Weekly Wrap-Up – October 23, 2021 – This post is my weekly wrap-up from last Saturday. Check it out, if you haven’t already, to see my updates from last week.
  • Book Review: The Bone Shard Daughter – This book review highlights my reading experience of The Bone Shard Daughter, which was a fantastic 5 star read.
  • Manga Monday: Way of the Househusband Vol 4 – This post details my thoughts about the fourth volume of this manga series. Just when I was thinking it was getting a bit old, the author knocked this one out of the park. It was so funny!
  • Most Anticipated Releases of November 2021 – This post showcases the books I’m most excited for in November 2021. There are so many of them releasing next month!
  • Mini Review – Constance – This mini review highlights my thoughts on this thriller that takes you inside the mind of a clone.
  • Audio Drama Review – Doctor Who: Ravagers – I’m so excited about the Doctor Who premiere tomorrow that I decided to listen to the Ravagers audio drama from Big Finish since they supposedly will be in this new series. It was also a treat because it was the first new story with the 9th Doctor since 2005.
  • First Lines Fridays #29 – This post provides the first lines of a book and asks you to guess, and judge, the book by those lines. Check it out to see if you can guess the book.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Another weekly wrap-up. I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.