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Hello again, everyone! Today’s post is another mini book review. I received the last book of this series from NetGalley. So, I bought the rest of the series to get caught up before the last one is published. This is the first of the three I’ll be reviewing this month. Let’s get to it!

Jade City is a gripping Godfather-esque saga of intergenerational blood feuds, vicious politics, magic, and kungfu.

The Kaul family is one of two crime syndicates that control the island of Kekon. It’s the only place in the world that produces rare magical jade, which grants those with the right training and heritage superhuman abilities.

The Green Bone clans of honorable jade-wearing warriors once protected the island from foreign invasion–but nowadays, in a bustling post-war metropolis full of fast cars and foreign money, Green Bone families like the Kauls are primarily involved in commerce, construction, and the everyday upkeep of the districts under their protection.

When the simmering tension between the Kauls and their greatest rivals erupts into open violence in the streets, the outcome of this clan war will determine the fate of all Green Bones and the future of Kekon itself.

This book gripped me from beginning to end in a way that most books never really achieve. The writing was beautifully descriptive while also being quite frank, and the pacing was non-stop. There was tons of action, political conspiracy, family drama, and superhuman antics. What more could anyone want in a great fantasy novel? The world-building was absolutely breathtaking while being integrated in a way that felt seamless, and the magic system being reliant upon the jade was intriguing. The family drama and clan rivalry were incredibly compelling, and there were several moments that left me stunned because I never expected the story to actually do THAT. I loved everything about this book, but the brilliant, complex characters really pushed it over the top. It felt like I knew every single character and their motivations intimately, even most of the secondary characters, and it didn’t take long for me to fall in love with (or hate) them. I’m very excited that there are two more books in this world left for me to read, but I’m honestly anxious to see what the author will put the characters through next. Overall, I loved my experience reading this book. So, I have to rate it 5 out of 5 awesome stars!

Have you read Jade City? Does it sound like something you would be interested in reading? Let me know in the comments!

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