Weekly Wrap-Up – December 11, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve reached the end of another week. Today I’m going to, once again, wrap up my week, including notes about my personal life, blog posts/book reviews, reading updates, book acquisitions (if any), and comic book acquisitions and reading progress.

Personal Updates

This has been another kind of blah week. I haven’t really accomplished much and didn’t get much reading done either. I did manage to get the rest of my Christmas shopping finished, and I am happy that I won’t have to return to a store until after the holidays. It was a madhouse out there.

This will be my last blog post for a while. I’m planning to take a hiatus from writing them until after Christmas. There will still be two new book reviews each week, but I’ll be taking a break from the memes, wrap-ups, tags, and other non-review posts for the next few weeks. I plan to use the time to work on updating the formatting of old posts to match up with the new look of the blog. Of course, I’ll also be enjoying the holidays. šŸ™‚

Book Acquisitions

I was approved for one new book on NetGalley this week. This one sounds really great, and I’m looking forward to reading it.

I also received some awesome book mail with my preorders of If This Gets Out and the Green Bone Saga Illumicrate special editions. The GBS box was absolutely stunning! I don’t feel like I have a spot to display it that is worthy of its greatness. lol. So, I’m going to have to think about where I’m going to put them. I’m excited to finally have my physical copy of ITGO, as well, and the character art that came with the pre-order from East City Books looks great.

Comic Book Acquisitions & Reading Progress

There weren’t quite as many comics I wanted this week, but I’m excited about several that were released. I’m curious to see where Kira’s story goes next in Crimson Reign, and the Daredevil event looks really cool. I’m also excited to see that Lex is in the new issue of Son of Kal-El, which should be interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t read much this week… So, nothing new to report there.

Reading Updates

After the excellent start to December I had last week, my reading pace has lessened considerably. The only reading I got finished was the two books I started last week, Circe and Tethered Spirits. They were both good books. I just haven’t really been in the mood to read as much as usual. I’m hoping to get back on track this coming week by finishing at least three books, but we’ll see.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

I posted a lot this week! All the new stuff from the last week is listed below:

  • Weekly Wrap-Up – December 4, 2021 – This post is my weekly wrap-up from last Saturday. Check it out, if you haven’t already, to see my updates from last week.
  • Book Review – Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil – This post highlights my thoughts on the final book in the most recent Thrawn trilogy. It was a great conclusion even if it was a bit convoluted at times.
  • Mini Review – The Fall – This mini review gave my impressions of the prequal novella from Ryan Cahill’s series. Spoiler alert: I loved it!
  • Publication Day Promo – If This Gets Out – This post was just a quick reminder about the publication of a book I reviewed back in June and absolutely adored. Go buy it!
  • Top 5 Tuesday – Top 5 Books On My Wishlist – I participated in another Top 5 Tuesday this week, which highlighted the five books I most want for Christmas. Fingers crossed I get them!
  • Naughty or Nice Book Tag – I saw this book tag on another blog and enjoyed reading it so much I couldn’t pass up doing it myself. Check it out to see whether I made the naughty or nice list this year.
  • First Lines Fridays #34 – I remembered to do FLF this week. Check it out to see if you can guess the book, which I’ll be starting soon.
  • Mini Review – Circe – This mini review highlights my thoughts about Circe by Madeline Miller. I didn’t love it as much as The Song of Achilles, but it was still a good read.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! My last blog post for a while. I hope you all have a fantastic holiday season! As always, I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up – December 11, 2021

  1. I really liked If This Gets Out, so cool seeing what they look like, I haven’t seen that art before! I have not finished my Christmas shopping yet, I don’t have wrapping paper or cards and I just *screams*

    • I really loved the book too! The artwork was a special pre-order gift available at only one bookstore in D.C. I don’t usually pre-order stuff, but I knew I had to once I saw the art on Twitter. Good luck getting the rest of your shopping done. I’m usually in that same position right about now thanks to being a major procrastinator. So, I understand how frantic it feels. I hope it all comes together and you have a great holiday!

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