Weekly Wrap-Up – December 4, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve reached the end of another week. Today I’m going to, once again, wrap up my week, including notes about my personal life, blog posts/book reviews, reading updates, book acquisitions (if any), and comic book acquisitions and reading progress.

Personal Updates

This week has been kind of blah. I haven’t really done much of anything worth noting. Maybe it is the lull after all the activity of the holiday last week, but I just haven’t had any energy at all. I was able to get some reading done, but not as much as I would’ve liked because I’ve had some difficulty focusing on what I’m reading.

Book Acquisitions

This week was a mix of things I bought, got from NetGalley, and borrowed from the library. I only bought one things on cyber Monday…so, I didn’t go too crazy. lol

Comic Book Acquisitions & Reading Progress

This was a busy comics week. I bought quite a bit both in the store and via comixology. I’ve made my way through all of the most recent Star Wars issues I hadn’t read yet. I plan to catch up on the most recent Spider-Man issues this week because they are releasing new issues almost every week, which has left me far behind even though I was caught up just a few weeks ago.

Reading Updates

I read quite a bit this week and started the Reindeer Readathon. I finished the first prompt, Dasher, by reading the novella The Fall. I also started working on two other prompts, Blitzen and Vixen, with Circe and Tethered Spirits. In the last few days of November, I read Heartstopper Vol. 4, which I loved, and Lesser Evil, a great conclusion to the latest Thrawn trilogy. Be on the lookout tomorrow for all my thoughts about Lesser Evil and check out my progress update for the Reindeer Readathon below.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

I posted quite a bit this week, but I missed First Lines Fridays because I forgot about it. Oops. All of my posts from the last week are listed below:

  • Weekly Wrap-Up – November 27, 2021 – This post is my weekly wrap-up from last Saturday. Check it out, if you haven’t already, to see my updates from last week.
  • Book Review – Jade Legacy – This post highlights my thoughts on the last book in the Green Bone Saga, Jade Legacy. I loved this book, and series, so much!
  • Indie Spotlight – Arigale: Spite in the Spirit – This post gave info about an indie author and book that I’m looking forward to reading soon.
  • Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2021 – This post collected all my posts from the month of November and highlighted my progress on my reading challenge and NetGalley ratio.
  • Reindeer Readathon TBR – This post showed the books I plan to read for the Reindeer Readathon, which is taking place throughout all of December.
  • Mini Review – The Gilded Cage – This mini review shared my thoughts about the recently published sequel to The Prison Healer. Overall, it was an enjoyable YA fantasy read that I liked more than the first book in the series.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Another weekly wrap-up. I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.

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