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Today I have the first of three mini reviews that will be released this week. All three have been fantastic reads, and I’m excited to share about each of them! First, I’ll be sharing my thoughts about Obsidian by Sarah J. Daley. The gorgeous cover sucked me in and made me request an ARC of this book. I’m glad I did! Obsidian will be released this Tuesday, January 25, 2022. So, head below to see my thoughts on it, and then head out to pre-order or pick up your own copy.

Shade Nox is a fiend, a rogue, and a wanted murderer, though her only true crime is that she chooses to dress like a man. Proud and defiant, she wears her tattoos openly as any bloodwizard would, and carries obsidian blades at her hips. Those who laughingly call her a witch to her face soon learn an unfortunate lesson: Shade Nox might be an abomination, but she wields her blades with devastating precision, gleefully shedding blood for elemental magic that matches any man’s.

Shade scratches out a dangerous living in the broken Wastes, but now that they are growing more unstable and dangerous, Shade and her people need their own Veil to protect them. She vows to raise one—a feat not accomplished in over a hundred years. But the Veils are controlled by the Brotherhood, who consider them sacred creations. They would sooner see all the Veils collapse into dust than allow a witch to raise one.

With the help of her friends and allies, and her own indomitable will, Shade stays one step ahead of her enemies. Her zeal is only tempered when she learns the true sacrifice required to raise a Veil—a secret even the centuries-old Brotherhood has forgotten. It is too high a price to pay. Nevertheless, she must pay it, or she will lose everything and everyone she loves…

***Thank you to NetGalley and Angry Robot for providing a copy of the book. My review contains my honest thoughts about my reading experience.***

This book was such an interesting read. From the magic system to the political institutions to the main characters, everything in this novel felt eerily intriguing, as if it all wasn’t quite what it seemed to be. I loved all the intricacy of the conspiracies and backstory of the world and main characters. Along with the wonderful prose and descriptions, it made the setting of the story feel vivid and alive. The plot took some twists and turns, which kept me engaged, and the pace felt steady without being too rushed. The magic system was a fascinating combination of blood and stone/ore magic, which I enjoyed learning about as the story progressed. I loved Shade Nox. She was the absolute definition of a badass woman: strong and persistent while also caring and vulnerable when necessary. The only thing I didn’t like as much about the book was some of the secondary characters. They seemed a bit interchangeable and one-dimensional. This also made some of the romance/sex seem like it came out of nowhere. Overall, though, I really enjoyed reading this one and recommend it for fans of fantasy with strong female leads. Therefore, I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

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