Micro Reviews – Witchmark, Kiss & Tell, Little Thieves

Hello, everyone! I’m once again behind on reviewing some books that were not ARCs. So, I’ve decided to do some more super short summaries of my thoughts in four sentences or less. Here’s the result…

This book explored a lot of really interesting topics, including PTSD and economic inequality, but it felt like it barely scratched the surface with them. It had some great world-building, and the magic system and society were interesting and well thought out. The romance was super subdued, though, with very little chemistry and a bit of insta-love, which just didn’t work for me. Throw in the slow pace, and even the interesting murder mystery wasn’t enough to make me want to finish the series.

I definitely have a thing for books about queer musicians struggling with their place in the spotlight. I absolutely adored this book and its message about not being afraid to ask for help and rely on others when necessary. It did a wonderful job of illustrating how intersectionality impacts everyone’s day to day lives and how we can often forget it amidst dealing with our own issues and identities. I loved the format of the book, as well, and liked how the news articles were incorporated between chapters to help inform certain aspects of the story.

I’ve been wanting to read this book for what seems like forever, and it was definitely worth all the wait and anticipation. Vanja was a compelling anti-hero, and I loved her journey of learning to work with and rely on others as she built her little found family. The world-building and mythology the author created for the story was really cool, and the pace kept me wanting to turn to the next page. I ended up flying through it and definitely plan to re-read this one again in the future.

Have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think of them? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Micro Reviews – Witchmark, Kiss & Tell, Little Thieves

  1. Great reviews! You’ve definitely piqued my interest with Kiss & Tell. I love mixed media formats and this story just sounds cute and sweet! I’ve also had Little Thieves on my TBR for ages and I’m so glad to hear that it was worth the hype. I guess I should probably prioritise that on my reading list!? šŸ˜†

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