Book Haul – July 2022

I was doing great at keeping my book purchases down for the first couple weeks of this month. Then the BOGO 50% off all hardbacks happened at B&N, and all my plans got derailed. I also got approved for quite a few eARCs this month, many of which are sequels that I am very excited to read. Overall, it has been a great month of book acquisitions, and I’m happy to have them all even if it has caused my TBR to continue ballooning uncontrollably. lol.

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Book Haul – June 2022

After the buying sprees last month, I really wanted to have more self control in June, and I succeeded, for the most part. I only received five eARCs, which is so much less than last month. I also only “bought” one ebook because it was part of a free promotion on Amazon. The most shocking thing, however, is that I only bought five physical copies this month, which is quite low compared to recent months. I did use the library a lot, though. I checked out five digital books and three physical ones. Overall, I’m glad I was able to give my shelves a break for a bit, and I hope to continue this trend in July because August is an absolute smorgasbord of new releases I’ve had my eye on for a while.

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Book Haul – May 2022

So, you know how last month I said I was out of shelf space? It would make sense for me to slow down my book buying. Right? Well…instead I bought two new bookcases and continued plowing ahead with purchases. lol. In my defense, I did purchase a lot of ebooks too (thanks to Amazon’s deal to earn a special credit), which will help save shelf space. I also got a slew of new eARCs that will be out later this year and borrowed an audiobook from the library. Despite getting way too many books again this month, I’m proud to have somewhat limited my physical purchases. If not for the B&N coupon I got last week, I actually would have ended the month with far fewer new phsyical copies, but they had to tempt me in at the last minute with a discount on my entire order. Oh well. I’ll try to have more self control next month…

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Book Haul – April 2022

All of my motivation to keep book buying to a minimum disappeared this month, which you’ll see below. I went a bit overboard. I actually think I bought more books this month than the first three months of 2022 combined…and that’s not counting the ARCs and library loans. To make matters worse, I’m officially out of shelf space. So, I have no where to put the new books other than a giant stack. I really wish we had bought the house with all the nice built-ins in the library. It would make my book addiction a lot easier to accommodate. Oh well.

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Book Haul – March 2022

This month has been somewhat of an eclectic mix of eARCs, purchases, and physical ARCs. In total, I purchased eight books this month, which was double what I bought last month. Several of them were physical copies of eARCs I’ve read recently and loved. I also received three physical ARCs this month. I don’t get them that often so it is always exciting to open the mailbox and find one. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading (or re-reading if I ever make the time for it) all of these books and am happy to have them on my shelves in one form or another.

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Book Haul – February 2022

It’s been another slow book buying month for me as I only bought four books this month. I really have been trying to spend less money on books, and it seems to be working for now. However, I’ve acquired quite a few books through the library and obtained a lot of eARCs. I also received two books for my birthday. So, all in all, I’ve picked up quite a few new books when it is all put together. Luckily, most of them won’t be taking up space on my shelves because I don’t have much space left, but I’m excited to read them all soon (if I haven’t already) regardless of the format or source.

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3 Ways COVID-19 Has Impacted My Reading Habits

COVID-19 has undoubtedly impacted everyone’s lives in a myriad of different ways. Employment, mental health, physical health, social lives, and every other aspect of life have been disrupted. So, I don’t think it is any surprise that hobbies, such as reading, would also be affected by the pandemic. Upon reflection, I’ve found COVID-19 has influenced my reading habits in three very noticeable ways.

1. Increased consumption of digital media.

I love the feel of a book or comic book in my hand. Turning the pages and smelling the paper are a huge part of the experience for me. For years, I swore I would never buy an e-reader or get digital books or comics. However, the stay-at-home mandates and fear of getting sick while in stores caused me to do some things I never thought I would do.

First, I switched to digital comic books. I now use Comixology for all of my purchases and enjoy using the app on my phone and computer. The aforementioned mandates and fears of illness were one driver of this decision, but the logistics and availability issues that plagued comic book stores early on in the pandemic were the final deciding factors. I would go on release day to be told that none of the new stock had arrived yet. Getting everything I wanted took multiple trips, which I didn’t deem safe at the time given my high risk. So, I switched to digital comics and haven’t looked back. It saves me the time and hassle of going to the store, and I don’t have to worry about stock problems. It has also saved a lot of space in my house…the boxes of comics were really starting to add up.

With the success of switching my comic book addiction to digital, it was only a matter of time before the same happened with other books. I began using the library’s digital services to read books and eventually started using the oft-neglected Kindle app on my phone. From there, it was a short jump to get my own Kindle Oasis e-reader, and I love using it. I haven’t completely given up on paper books like I did for comics, but I’ve significantly increased the amount of digital books I read from practically none to more than half of my reading every month. I like that I don’t have to put myself at increased risk to get books I want, but I do still get a book from the store if I’m going to be out already anyway.

2. Massive surge in the amount I read.

Thanks to the pandemic, I found myself with much more free time. I started working from home and have only been working part time. So, naturally reading has helped me fill a lot of down time. I also tend to read more at random times throughout the day between tasks. That has not been an option before because I was always in the office where something was constantly happening. Now I’m at home alone between client appointments; so, I can sneak in a couple chapters between my tasks. This has led to me increasing my reading from 1-2 books per month to 10-15 books per month.

3. I use the library now.

I rarely, if ever, got library books prior to the pandemic. As I mentioned earlier, I started using the online library services to read some books. Then I learned that my library had instituted a book quarantine policy and had contact-less check out. So, I could go in, check out a clean book, and never have to interact with anyone. This seemed even safer than going to a bookstore and was cheaper to boot. So, I’ve started using the library for both digital and print books quite a bit, which is something I never would have expected a year ago.

Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your reading habits at all? If so, what has changed?