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Happy Pride Month! As the month draws to a close, I wanted to round it out with a special post…my first book tag. I went on the hunt for a book tag that was Pride themed and found this one originally created by Common Spence on Youtube! I’ll be picking books that I think embody the meanings of each of the colors in the Pride flag.

I’m using this book as a stand in for all of the Shadowhunter books that have Magnus Bane in them. He is one of my favorite fictional characters and was the first bisexual man I ever read. He is unapologetically himself and steals the spotlight in every story.

This book could have fit in multiple categories, but I put it here because it helped me work through some of my own thoughts about death and what it means to live life to the fullest. I also cried a lot while reading it…so there was lots of catharsis, as well.

This book is absolutely hilarious and kept me laughing the entire time I read it. The wit and sense of humor just really brightened my day and left me wanting much more. Luckily there’s two more books coming. 🙂

This is another book that could fit into so many of these categories. I put it here because it is a whimsical story about the cutest children who also happen to be fantasy creatures, but it is also an extremely cathartic and emotional read. I can’t recommend it enough.

I feel like I’m becoming a broken record here, but this book could fit into almost all of these categories as well. The truth these characters must face in this book is more than enough to give anyone an existential crisis, and the author presents it in a way that is a total mindf*ck.

This book does a fantastic job exploring the intersection of religious and queer identity. It highlights the confusion, feelings of loss, and thoughts of worthlessness that can come from being a queer member of a conservative religion, but it also shows the power and self-acceptance than can come from successfully navigating and integrating both identities in an individualized way.

Well, that is my pride flag. Do you agree with my picks? What books would you include? I tag anyone else who wants to complete this tag!

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