First Lines Fridays (79) – September 8, 2023

First Lines Fridays is a weekly feature for book lovers hosted by Wandering Words. What if instead of judging a book by its cover, its author or its prestige, we judged it by its opening lines?

  • Pick a book off your shelf (it could be your current read or on your TBR) and open to the first page
  • Copy the first few lines, but don’t give anything else about the book away just yet – you need to hook the reader first
  • Finally… reveal the book!

Today’s First Lines:

The cottage at 6163 Annadale Drive was the only place in Long Lily that could guard impossible things. It was home to oddities that were probably magic – anomalies that shouldn’t be, but were because they’d existed long before anyone had been around to tell them they shouldn’t. Most folks couldn’t make it past the barriers of their limited imagination to see what was really there.

Do you know which book this is from? Scroll down to find out!

Title: Kit & Basie

Author: Tess Carletta

Publication Date: August 29, 2023

Goodreads Synopsis

Immortality is a dangerous affair when it isn’t done right.

Basie Yeats knows he’s doing immortality all wrong, spending endless days in the same place, but he doesn’t see a reason to leave the home he loves in Long Lily, Pennsylvania. Once the impossible death of his mother leaves him the only immortal person he knows, Basie decides that the only thing he wants to do is get out of Long Lily and start doing immortality the right way—alone.

Kit Elliot has wandered the world looking for the right place to call home, so when a church-turned-cottage suddenly goes up for sale in a quaint Pennsylvania town, it feels like it was meant to be. It takes only a few days at Wellhead Cottage for Kit to decide that the man who sold it to him is frustrating, awkward, and terribly handsome. He offers to help Basie find a new home away from Long Lily—but as days turn to months, Kit finds himself wishing he could make Basie stay.

My Review

I was so excited to get this book in the mail a few days ago and jumped at the opportunity to read it. I backed the book on Kickstarter and got a beautiful annotated hardcover copy from the author, along with tons of other goodies (bookmark, stickers, tea, an apple pie recipe, etc.). The entire package was ADORABLE and matched the vibes of the book perfectly. The story was a beautiful exploration of the messiness of grief, and I loved the slow-burn pining romance between Kit and Basie. Both characters stole my heart, and I just kept wanting to mash their stupid faces together because they clearly belonged to each other even though they were too dense to make a move. The setting was the most homey small town ever, and I loved the vibes of the entire community being like one big family. If you are looking for a cozy, angsty, slow-burn MM romance with low spice and a hint of magic, be sure to pick Kit & Basie up. I loved it so much!

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