Weekly Wrap-Up – October 16, 2021

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve reached the end of another week. Today I’m going to, once again, wrap up my week, including notes about my personal life, blog posts/book reviews, reading updates, book acquisitions (if any), and comic book acquisitions and reading progress.

Personal Updates

This week was a bit lopsided. The beginning of the week was incredibly busy. I helped my parents re-arrange their furniture and did some work around their house. I also did a ton of cleaning and some more decorating in my house to prepare for having someone come over to clean/inspect the fireplace. The fireplace got a clean bill of health, and I got both my flu vaccine and my COVID-19 booster shot. On the way back from my vaccines, I had to stop and get my windshield replaced as it had cracked all the way across thanks to a random rock from the highway. It provided a great opportunity to read, though, since I had to wait for two hours for them to finish. The rest of the week, from Wednesday on, I felt horrible. The first day after the vaccines I had a fever, headache, body aches, fatigue, and nausea. I spent most of the day on Wednesday in bed. The side effects went away over the rest of the week with the fatigue and nausea sticking around the longest. I’m finally feeling mostly back to normal today and plan to attempt to get outside and do some yard work. Even though the vaccine side effects sucked, they were clearly temporary and much better than what I could expect from actually getting COVID-19 or the flu. I strongly recommend everyone get vaccinated!

Book Acquisitions

So…the book buying ban was officially a failure. LOL. I lasted a grand total of eight days. I couldn’t resist the use of the B&N coupon and ended up at the store against my better judgment. I went all out too because the coupon was a percentage off of the whole order rather than just off a single item. As you can see, I picked up quite a few new things, but, on the bright side, I saved approximately 40 bucks with the coupon.

Comic Book Acquisitions & Reading Progress

There was a lot of cool stuff that came out this week that I’m looking forward to reading. Of course, there were more Star Wars and Spider-Man comics, along with Eternals, Kang, and Shang-Chi. I also bought the first three issues of Superman: Son of Kal-El, which I’m excited to read after the news about the main character from earlier this week. It is the first DC title I’ve bought in years!

As for reading comics, I’ve made more progress this week. I finished reading the Star Wars War of the Bounty Hunters comics that have been released. Honestly, I haven’t been a fan of this event as of late. It has been trudging along at a snail’s pace and has even re-used lines of dialogue and scenes in different books. I think it just includes too many books, which makes it feel a bit unwieldy and repetitive. I feel like I’ve been reading the event FOREVER. Unfortunately, Marvel announced two more events just like this one that immediately follow War of the Bounty Hunters. I’m going to give the next one a shot, but this might be where I hop off Star Wars comics for a while. I didn’t get to start on my backlog of High Republic comics like I planned because I felt so bad this week I didn’t even want to read. However, I plan to read some of them this week along with Spider-Man and Sinister War.

Reading Updates

This has been an excellent week of reading. I read another manga, the second volume of The Way of the House Husband, which I enjoyed even more than the first volume. I finished A Promise of Return, a book I’ve been dying to get to since the cliffhanger from the previous book left me on edge, and I loved every second of reading it. I also read The Magi Menagerie, which kept the great week going by providing an exciting story with interesting characters and lots of magical political intrigue. Finally, I’ve started reading Ronin, the newest Star Wars book based on an episode of the Star Wars: Visions television show. It is probably the most unique Star Wars book I’ve ever read, and I’m loving this take on the galaxy far far away.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

This has been another busy week for blog posts and book reviews. I managed to post every day this week, and I even posted twice yesterday! My posts from the last week are listed below:

  • Weekly Wrap-Up – October 9, 2021 – This post is my weekly wrap-up from last Saturday. Check it out, if you haven’t already, to see my updates from last week.
  • Book Review: Child of Light – This book review details my thoughts about the first book in a new series by Terry Brooks. It was a bit of a mixed bag with some interesting world-building that was often overshadowed by the flat characters and odd pacing.
  • Manga Monday: Way of the Househusband Vol 2 – This post details my thoughts about the second volume of this manga series. I loved it and thought it was even funnier than the first!
  • Top 5 Books That Did Scare You – I participated in another Top 5 Tuesday this week and labored to find five books that did scare me. Check out the list to see if any of them scared you too!
  • The New Superman Is Bi! – This post contains my thoughts and reactions to the news that the new Superman is bisexual.
  • Mini Review: A Promise of Return – This mini review shares my thoughts about A Promise of Return, the third book in the Outlands Pentalogy by Rebecca Crunden. This is an excellent series, and I immensely enjoyed this installment even though I felt a bit sorry for the characters.
  • Mid-Month NetGalley Check-In – In this post, I looked back over the approvals from NetGalley in the past month along with the eARC reviews I’ve completed. It also highlighted my progress toward the ever elusive 80% feedback ratio.
  • First Lines Fridays #27 – This post provides the first lines of a book and asks you to guess, and judge, the book by those lines. Check it out to see if you can guess the book.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Another weekly wrap-up. I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.

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