TBR: April 2022 (Magical Readathon & Mythothon Edition)

Hello, everyone! I’ve been really struggling the last few days to pick what I want to read next. I’ve been so excited about these two readathons for a while, and now that they are here I’m kind of in a slump, which has me bummed. I’ve finally settled on some choices, but I think many of these will likely change as the month progresses. I’m really in the mood to mood read, but I’m going to try to stick to these as closely as I can because they are mostly ARCs/tour obligations. (Edit note: The first two books I’ve started for this month since initially writing this post are not on these lists. lol. So, I’m off to a great start…)

I’m participating in two readathons this month, Magical Readathon and Mythothon. You can find my picks for each down below along with a little more info about each readathon!

Magical Readathon

It is finally here! The first term of classes at Orilium has begun, and my character, Padwin, is looking forward to learning a lot during this Spring Equinox. You can follow Padwin’s journey down the Novice Path and read his character introduction in previous posts. He has decided to study to become a Dream Walker, which means he needs to take seven classes this term.

To learn more about the Magical Readathon, be sure to check out the announcement video! There are also tons of cool printables filled with background information about the world, character types, and school. G at Book Roast has just done such a fabulous job of putting it all together, and I’m excited for Padwin to start his magical education!

Mythothon Readathon

I’ve also decided to participate in the Mythothon Readathon this month. This round of the readathon is based on the Egyptian myth of Isis, Osiris, and Set. I’ve chosen team Osiris, and plan to read five books that correspond to prompts based on Osiris’s parts in the story, which can be found in the announcement post at Foxes and Fairy Tales.

I’m probably biting off more than I can chew for this month given my current mood and slump the last few days, but maybe I’ll find some motivation and get all these books read. Only time will tell. Are any of you participating in these readathons? If so, let me know down in the comments!

6 thoughts on “TBR: April 2022 (Magical Readathon & Mythothon Edition)

    • I am too! I finished my first quest yesterday by finishing Gallant, and I really am looking forward to seeing what is in store for the rest of the month. G has done such a fantastic job of putting it all together, and the previous rounds have been a lot of fun. 🙂

    • The links in the post will take you to the details for these two readathons. I was lucky enough to stumble across them on Twitter. That seems to be where I’ve found info about most of the readathons I participate in. Book Twitter is an excellent resource!

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