Books I’ve Read This Year with Bi+ Male Characters

Last year for Bi Visibility Day, I created my first list of favorite books with bi+ male characters (see here). It was comprised mostly of books I’d read in the preceding year. I’ve decided to make this a yearly thing… because why not? Without further ado, here are some of the books I’ve read since last September that included bi+ male rep within the main cast of characters (with synopses from Goodreads).

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ARC Mini Review – Never Ever Getting Back Together

Hello, everyone! This evening I’m sharing my last review of Bi Visibility Week, Never Ever Getting Back Together by Sophie Gonzales. Sophie is an auto-buy author for me, and I was super stoked to be offered this ARC.

When their now famous ex-boyfriend asks them to participate in a teen reality show, two eighteen year old girls—one bent on revenge, the other open to rekindling romance—get tangled up in an unexpected twist when they fall for each other instead in Never Ever Getting Back Together by nationally and internationally-bestselling and Indie Next Pick author Sophie Gonzales.

“Wickedly funny [and] searingly sexy.” —Kelly Quindlen, author of She Drives Me Crazy

It’s been two years since Maya’s ex-boyfriend cheated on her, and she still can’t escape him: his sister married the crown prince of a minor European country and he captured hearts as her charming younger brother. If the world only knew the real Jordy, the manipulative liar who broke Maya’s heart.

Skye Kaplan was always cautious with her heart until Jordy said all the right things and earned her trust. Now his face is all over the media and Skye is still wondering why he stopped calling.

When Maya and Skye are invited to star on the reality dating show Second-Chance Romance, they’re whisked away to a beautiful mansion—along with four more of Jordy’s exes— to compete for his affections while the whole world watches. Skye wonders if she and Jordy can recapture the spark she knows they had, but Maya has other plans: exposing Jordy and getting revenge. As they navigate the competition, Skye and Maya discover that their real happily ever after is nothing they could have scripted.

***Thank you to Wednesday Books for providing a copy of the book via NetGalley. My review contains my honest thoughts about my reading experience.***

I DEVOURED this book in one sitting. It took staying up until 3 AM to finish, but it was totally worth it. I laughed so much while reading, and the drama of it all kept me engaged despite the premise being pretty straightforward. The enemy was easy to hate almost from the start, and I was definitely on board with Team Fuck Up the Fuckboy the whole way through the story. He really was the epitome of fuckboyness in all the worst ways. The sapphic love story between the bi main characters had good chemistry and utilized common tropes well, including forced proximity and enemy to lovers. I always appreciate Gonzales’s ability to weave fantastic bi rep into the narrative, and this book was no exception. Maya was bent on getting revenge and had built her entire life around proving Jordy wrong for leaving her. Whereas, Skye had major abandonment issues. The combination of the two created some serious drama that felt realistic given both of their issues. The premise (two contestants on a reality dating show falling in love with each other instead of the person they are competing over) was a lot of fun, but it was a bit weird that all of them were teenagers. I kept aging them up in my head to just be reminded over and over by the text that they were all teens. It was just strange, and I think this would have worked better as an adult book rather than YA. That being said, this was a funny sapphic romance with a great premise. If you like reality TV or have ever wondered what it would be like for contestants of The Bachelor to end up together, this is the romcom for you. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Sabriel Read-a-long – Week Three

It is already the final week of the Sabriel read-a-long. I actually finished reading this week’s chapters early instead of waiting until the night before. lol. So, this post is going up much earlier than previous weeks. The read-a-long was hosted by Jordyn @ Birdie’s Book Nook. You can find out all about it on her blog! So, be sure to stop by her page and see her thoughts on this book (and many others), as well.

Sent to a boarding school in Ancelstierre as a young child, Sabriel has had little experience with the random power of Free Magic or the Dead who refuse to stay dead in the Old Kingdom. But during her final semester, her father, the Abhorsen, goes missing, and Sabriel knows she must enter the Old Kingdom to find him.

With Sabriel, the first installment in the Abhorsen series, Garth Nix exploded onto the fantasy scene as a rising star, in a novel that takes readers to a world where the line between the living and the dead isn’t always clear—and sometimes disappears altogether.

NOTE: THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS WEEK’S DISCUSSION!! Here are my thoughts on this week’s questions:

1. Pick a character — were you satisfied with their journey in Sabriel?

I’ve really enjoyed Sabriel’s journey in this book. She started out super green with a single-minded mission of saving her father and ended up becoming a hero that helped save an entire kingdom despite all the odds being stacked against her. She had to learn how to translate her skills into action so that she could navigate the new, unfamiliar life she found herself inhabiting. I thought it was a compelling coming-of-age story. She still has plenty of room for continued growth as the series progresses since she’s barely scratched the surface of learning about the Old Kingdom and her role as Abhorsen, but she’s definitely grown into the role during the trials she faced in this story.

2. What did you think of the reveal for who Touchstone and what Mogget is?

I wasn’t really surprised by either reveal. I thought the context clues made Touchstone’s identity fairly obvious pretty early. It made sense for one of the main characters to be a royal with the importance of the royal blood in relation to the charter magic. So, I was fine with that reveal. I didn’t guess the specifics of Mogget’s reveal, but I got the general gist of him right. I thought the way his nature was used to defeat Kerrigor was particularly ingenious and liked it a lot.

3. Was Kerrigor scary enough for you, or do you wish he had been more menacing?

I thought he was scary enough. I just wish the story had spent a bit more time with him. The characters we followed were constantly running from him. So, we didn’t really get to see him being all that menacing until the very end. Even then, most of the gruesome stuff took place before he got to the main characters and wasn’t described in a ton of detail. I actually think we saw Mogget do more damage to the main characters when he blew up the wall than Kerrigor did in the final battle. As a side note, I’m really curious to see the personality that emerges from Kerrigor’s new form. So, I hope they keep him around in future books.

4. Where do you think the rest of the series is headed?

I’m sure the characters will probably return to the Old Kingdom and attempt to re-establish the monarchy or some other form of functioning government. Sabriel has her work cut out for her in rounding up all the dead/undead things wandering the kingdom, and Touchstone will have a big job of trying to rein in the anarchy. I’m sure the two of them will probably engage in some sort of romance, as well. That was probably my least favorite part of this book because it just felt a bit rushed and forced, but maybe I’ll like it a little better once their relationship gets fleshed out a bit in subsequent books.

Well. That’s it for this week’s questions! Have you read Sabriel? If so, what did you think of it?

Last, Now, Next Book Tag

Thank you to Jordyn for the tag! It has been a while since I’ve felt motivated enough to do a tag. This one is pretty short. So, I think I can handle it. lol.


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What was the last book you read?

Ruination by Anthony Reynolds

Did this book meet your expectations?

It did! I requested it mostly because of the cover and didn’t really know what to expect from the story. I’ve never played League of Legends. So, I was somewhat concerned I wouldn’t understand the book. It ended up being a great introduction to the lore and world.

Will you recommend this book to others?

Absolutely! If you enjoy epic fantasy with cool magic, political conspiracies, and world-breaking consequences, I definitely recommend this book.

What is your current read?

Notorious Sorcerer by Davinia Evans

Why did you pick this book?

This tag is going to make me sound super shallow, but I picked this one based on its cover too. The blurb also made it sound intriguing, and I think I saw somewhere that the main character is bisexual. Those three things combined made this one unmissable for me.

How much time do you think you’ll take to finish your current read?

Hmmm. I’m really not sure. I’m struggling to balance this book with my participation in the Sabriel readalong, the audiobook of Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare, and finishing up my BBNYA excerpts. I hoped to have it finished today, but that doesn’t really seem feasible at the moment. I’m going to try really hard to finish it by tomorrow so my review can be done by the publication date on Tuesday… All in all, it will probably be approximately 4 days or so to finish it from when I first started the book.

What genre would you like to read next?

I’m thinking about reading either romance or fantasy. I’ll actually probably pick a romance audiobook to listen to while reading a fantasy ebook. I typically have one audiobook and one ebook/physical book going at a time, and I prefer to listen to romance more than any other genre.

What would you like to pick: a long read or a short read?

Hopefully short. I’ve been reading a lot of chonkers lately, and I’ve struggled some with maintaining the attention necessary to do so. Knowing me, though, it’ll likely end up being a tome that I could use to murder somebody. That seems to be what I go for the most, especially when it comes to fantasy.

Mention some books you’re eyeing!


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