Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2022

Well. Another month has come and gone. It has been a pretty great one with all the Star Wars stuff (Celebration, Star Wars Day, etc.) going on. New books, shows, and LEGO sets were definitely welcomed into my home with open arms. lol. Other than that, though, this has been a pretty dull month in my household.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: April 2022

Hello, everyone! How is it already May? April was a pretty good month. The first week or so I was still recovering from oral surgery, but I’m grateful there were no complications. I’m feeling better now and am all healed up. I also went on a short vacation over the Easter holiday, which was nice. I haven’t left the house much since COVID started. So, it was nice to have a change of scenery even if it was only for a few days. Unsurprisingly, the other major thing that happened this month was that I read A LOT. I participated in two readathons and ended up reading even more than usual. Scroll below to see all the details!

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Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2022

Hello, everyone! We have reached the end of March and the end of the first quarter of 2022. Where has the time gone? Personally, I’m happy to see this month go. It’s just been a weird one with lots of random stuff happening. It has just left me feeling out of sorts, especially this week. I had oral surgery on Tuesday, and I’ve felt pretty horrible since. I’m on a soft food diet, which is the bane of my existence, but I’m sticking to it because chewing is out of the question due to the pain. On a brighter note, I read A LOT this month, and most of it was really great. How great? Read on to find out more!

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Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2022

Hello, everyone! I know we are already a week into March, but I still haven’t wrapped up my February yet. So, here we go… Better late than never! February is always the month of birthdays, mine and both my parents. This meant lots of cake, as well as some new books. Other than all the celebrations, it was a pretty quiet month filled with dreary weather and lots of reading. Not a whole lot has changed in my daily routine. So, despite getting a year older, everything is still rolling on as usual.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2022

Hello, everyone! I can’t believe the first month of this year is already over, but at the same time, it seems like it lasted forever. I’ve spent most of the month in isolation because the latest wave of COVID has been wreaking havoc in my area. I’ve been lucky enough to avoid getting sick so far, and I’m trying my best to keep it that way. It has been a relatively uneventful month. I’ve done a lot of blogging and reading, which has helped me stay at least sort of sane. 🙂 I didn’t quite reach all of my goals when it comes to reading, but I came pretty close.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2021

Hello, everyone! It is the end of November, which means it is time for another monthly wrap-up. This month has been pretty great, and I’ve read some awesome books. Most notable, I finished off the Green Bone Saga by reading my eARC of Jade Legacy, which releases today, and now I have a new favorite series and book! I still can’t believe it considering I’d never read any of them until a little over a month ago. I also read The Eye of the World, which has been on my TBR for years. It’s been a great month of TV, as well. I finished watching Foundation and started Wheel of Time and Hawkeye. I’ve also been watching Doctor Who and am looking forward to the finale this Sunday. While many of the shows have had some good episodes and others that fell a bit flat, I’ve really been enjoying all of them. This really is a wonderful time to be a fan of fantasy, sci fi, and comic books because there is tons of great TV material coming out.

The holidays are also upon us, and Thanksgiving was a lot of fun, despite being a ton of work. I spent time with family and ate so much food I felt like I could vomit. I also put up my Christmas decorations in mid-November and have been trying to save the tree and ornaments from the cat ever since.

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Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2021

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has been loving spooky season and enjoys the day today however you choose. My wife and I will be giving out buckets and buckets of candy (our neighborhood is quite popular and takes Halloween very seriously), and I’m looking forward to it. This month has been pretty quiet. I’ve enjoyed spending more time outside during the little bit of cool weather we have had. It has also been a pretty great reading month. All of the books I’ve read have been 3-star reads or above, with most of them being 4 or 5 star reads. I also read manga for the first time, and it is a medium I definitely plan to explore more moving forward.

For those that were following along here and on Twitter, I failed my book buying ban pretty early on. Initially, I wanted to avoid buying books for the entire month, but I only lasted 8 days. I did, however, manage to buy far fewer books this month and didn’t buy any for the last two weeks of the month. I still consider that to be a pretty big accomplishment, and I’m thankful for it considering how many books I’ll be buying in November…

Progress On My 2021 Reading Goal

After meeting my annual goal last month, I’ve been less focused on acquiring certain numbers. However, I still added quite a few books to my annual total this month, which brought me up to 117 for the year, so far.

October 2021 Reviews

In total, I completed 4 full-length book reviews, 6 mini book reviews, 2 comic book reviews, 4 manga reviews, and 1 audio drama series review. I reviewed the following books:

Blog Posts

I continued participating in First Lines Fridays throughout the month. However, I did my last Stacking the Shelves and transitioned to a weekly wrap-up post instead since I was trying to acquire less books. I like the new format better and will be sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

I also participated in one Top 5 Tuesday, wrote a post detailing my reaction to the new Superman being bi, and wrote a post about my 9 most anticipated releases of November 2021.

Final Thoughts

Looking back on my TBR for October, I met almost all of my goals. I finished reading all but one of the books on my TBR, and I finished reading all the comics I set out to read. I got a lot of new ARCs, but I also read several this month. My NetGalley feedback ratio is beginning to take somewhat of dive. So, I’m going to have to be a little pickier about what I request for the near future. I also wish I could have done more Halloween themed posts, but I had such a packed schedule of reading/content that it didn’t really happen. I’ll definitely be planning better for next year. Overall, though, it’s been a great month. I enjoyed having a bit more flexibility in my reading choices since I wasn’t taking part in a readathon this month. I hope you all had a great month and wish you the best for November! Happy Halloween!

Monthly Wrap-Up: September 2021

This has been a quieter month than last month. I spent most of the month either at home reading or going to the doctor for my own appointments or that of family members. It has been an amazing reading month, though, and I have loved so many of the books I read. I’ve also met some spectacular reading goals this month and crossed six months of being a book blogger. It has me excited to see what the rest of the year has in store.

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