Weekly Wrap-Up – February 12, 2022

Happy Saturday, everyone! We’ve reached the end of another week. I hope it has gone well for you all. Today I’ll once again be wrapping up my my reading progress, comic book reading, and my blog posts from the past week.

Reading Progress

This has been a super slow week of reading. I’ve been in a massive slump and just did not feel like reading for most of the week. I only finished one book, the Star Wars audio drama Tempest Runner by Cavan Scott. I also did something I thought I would never do. I DNFd a book, The Starless Crown by James Rollins. The world and plot were interesting, but I just couldn’t get into it right now. It was coming due at the library and had holds on it. So, I couldn’t renew it. I’ll probably try finishing it later once it becomes available again, but, for now, I’m moving on to other books. I’m really glad I made that decision because I’m loving my current read. I read almost half of Age of Ash by Daniel Abraham in one day, and my plans for the rest of today are pretty much just to finish it.

Comic Book Reading

This was a pretty good week for comics. I read 18 comic issues, and I enjoyed most of them quite a bit. I wasn’t really a fan of Savage Spider-Man, and I think I’ll be dropping that book. I liked everything else, though, but I didn’t really have a stand out favorite this week.

Blog Posts & Book Reviews

All the new stuff from the last week is listed below:

Final Thoughts

As always, I love reading wrap-up posts. So, if you’ve got one for this week, please leave a link to it in the comments, and I’ll stop by and check it out.

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